What is a “Status Certificate” in Condominium Purchases?

Many people are unaware that a status certificate is a very important document when looking to purchase a condominium unit. The status certificate will be prepared by the condominium corporation or by the property management if they service that building. The purpose of status certificates is to allow potential buyers of condo units to have as much information as possible …

What is a Survey?

Many people do not understand just how important a survey can be when dealing with property. At Capulli Law, we receive many concerned calls from clients about what exactly a survey is. A survey is a detailed drawing of a property. A survey will show the exact dimensions of the land and the location of anything that is on that …

Cottage ownership and what you should know

Everyone wants a nice relaxing time at their cottage. To ensure the time at your cottage is stress free, consult a real estate lawyer to protect yourself from unexpected problems.

Does your lifestyle suit a condo?

Before putting a down payment on a condo, take a look at see if a condo is truly the right fit for you.

Why every homeowner needs Title Insurance

Title Insurance is an important part of any residential real estate transaction. It can protect you from many circumstances that can arise after a deal has closed. The following video explains why Title Insurance is important to any residential real estate transaction.

What does your real estate lawyer do for you?

Many people fail to realize the importance of a lawyer working for them in a real estate transaction. The video below provides a great summary on the benefits of having a legal professional working for you.