Are your cell phone calls being monitored? Possibly.

It has come to the public’s attention that there is a machine available to police that is known as a “Stingray”.  This device is a type of cellphone surveillance technology which gives the police and other authorities the ability to spy on the cellphone activity of citizens.  In essence, it fools your smartphone into thinking the Stingray is a cell phone tower.  Your device will connect to the Stingray and all data will be sent and captured. The Stingray is able to identify and track your phone, as well as block you from making calls.  In some instances it can even record the calls themselves depending on the phone you use. Some people may think that this is alright if its being used to capture people committing or who have committed crimes. While this train of throught may be valid, the problem is that the Stingray device is indiscriminite – it tracks everyone in the area in which it is being used.

For more infromation on this Stingray technology, here is a great article:

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